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Carlo Pellegrini - Juggling MatrixAbout Carlo – Juggling Matrix

A speaker is usually noted for speaking about what he knows.

Carlo knows juggling and he knows change. And that’s why he calls it a Juggling Matrix.

At the age of 18 he got his ‘Ph.D. in Life’ when he joined the world’s smallest circus. He shaped his ‘act different, think different, change’ model from learning how to juggle five balls, walk on the tight-wire, fly on the trapeze, create clown routines, be the booking manager and the marketing department every single day on the road. Talk about work-life balance!

To push ‘change,’ he left the circus and joined the internationally acclaimed Nikolais Dance Theatre as their lead dancer and comic soloist. A veteran of five world tours, he performed for luminaries such as the Shah of Iran, the Queen of Thailand and the Prince of Monaco.

He then landed a role in the Robert Altman movie “Popeye” with Robin Williams as Swifty, the short-order cook. He made hamburgers for Wimpy. This led to a four-year stint with Big Apple Circus as Ringmaster and White Clown.

“Carlo combines a strong theatrical sense with business savvy and keen facilitation skills to produce programs that are hands-on, high content and produce lasting change.”

– Global VP of Marketing for Intel – quoted after Carlo taught his 2,216 global sales force the principles of ‘handling more accounts with fewer resources’

Carlo then changed directions and careers, using his ‘risk management’ and ‘work/life/balance skills’ for a career in advertising sales with VNU Publishing. Ten years later, he was asked to present his first Keynote Performance to the entire company with the message: “Risk, Reward, Change.”

Since 1998, Carlo has delivered custom Juggling Matrix keynotes to over 350,000 audience members in 22 countries, on 5 continents. He has been hired by technology companies such as Intel Corp., IBM, and Google; healthcare companies such as Catholic Healthcare West and Mayo Clinic; financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and M&T Bank; and new media companies such as BuzzFeed to wake up their audiences using his uniquely memorable Juggling Matrix program.

In 2018, Carlo has set a goal of reading up to 40 business books a year and reporting on their salient points in his blogs and on his LinkedIn account. His lifelong passion for the circus informs his philosophy of acting and thinking differently to create a matrix of new behaviors.

With a broad range of life and business experience, Carlo is a sought-after keynote speaker for all types of industry meetings and conferences.