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Carlo Pellegrini delivers the most innovative keynote presentation in the corporate marketCarlo has created the most innovative keynote presentation in the corporate market. Change management was never this much fun, or so effective!

His speeches, articles, blogs and keynotes focus on building a MATRIX of “Action, Behavior and Change” (the ABC’s of different thinking), based on his years of juggling objects of all kinds.

At the age of 18 he got his ‘Ph.D. in Life’ when he joined the world’s smallest circus. He shaped his ‘act different, think different, change’ model from this experience. If he wanted to stay employed, he had to learn how to juggle five balls, walk on the tight-wire, fly on the trapeze, create clown routines, be the booking manager and the marketing department…every single day. Talk about work/life/balance!

Always pushing the bounds of ‘different doing,’ he left the circus and joined the internationally acclaimed Nikolais Dance Theatre as their lead dancer and comic soloist. A veteran of five world tours, he performed for luminaries such as the Shah of Iran, the Queen of Thailand and the Prince of Monaco.

His next venture was acting in the Robert Altman movie “Popeye” with Robin Williams, followed by a four-year stint with Big Apple Circus as Ringmaster and White Clown.

“Carlo combines a strong theatrical sense with business savvy and keen facilitation skills to produce programs that are hands-on, high content and produce lasting change.”

– Global VP of Marketing for Intel – quoted after Carlo taught his 2,216 global sales force the principles of ‘handling more accounts with fewer resources’

Carlo then changed directions and careers, using his ‘risk management’ and ‘work/life/balance’ skills for a career in advertising sales management with VNU Publishing. Thirteen years later, he was asked to present his first Keynote Performance to the entire company with a message: “Risk, Reward, Change.” Thus was born his new career as The Juggling Keynote Speaker.

Since that time, he has been a strategic planning consultant for entrepreneurs and non-profit boards of directors; management consultant and leadership development consultant for Fortune 500 companies; business development director for advertising agencies; sales manager/trainer for Top 10 publishing firms, and a sought-after keynote speaker for all industry meetings and events.