speakers coaching cornerWelcome to the Coaching Corner. After 22 years in the business of keynote speaking, I have been asked by a number of seasoned business professionals (and new-hires) how to improve their speeches…and give the speech of their life.

My first question:

  • Are you giving a speech or a sales presentation?
  • What do you fear most: speaking in public or in a small meeting?

Let’s be clear:

  • What’s the difference between a speech and a presentation? You could say one is more formal than the other, but it doesn’t have to be. A speech-maker is a topic expert (as we hope a presenter is, as well).  The sales presenter is presenting for the potential buyer of their service/products that their service/product is the most logical to buy. While passion may play a part in a sales presentation, it is not the driver. In a speech, passion is the driver.
  • What do you fear most? If you are like most people, speaking in public is your #1 fear. I won’t tell you not to worry. Every single one of us who speaks for a living has had (and continues to have) their fear moments before getting on stage, during, and after. But I will give you strategies for managing your fears.

And that is why you have come to the Coaching Corner – to learn how to give the speech of your life.

I coach over FaceTime/Skype/Zoom. Take your pick.

You can come to me with a draft of a speech, and I will coach you through it. We will record you giving the speech first, as a baseline…then, we will begin our work together. Or, you can come to me when you have found out you have to give a speech. We can draft it together. Or, you may just want to practice getting over your fear of speaking. Whatever you are working on, call me.

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My direct phone is 845-721-5059. Or email me at jugglingmatrix@gmail.com.

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