Glad you asked me that. First, let’s define the word ‘MATRIX’. It’s not what you think (besides being a great movie). Most folks think of a matrix as a grid. It can be, in mathematical terms. In simpler terms, a matrix is the point at which two lines of information/data meet on a graph (the ‘a’ and ‘b’ data lines crossing on the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axes). At that very point, the point at which the two lines cross, a new set of data is created. That point is a MATRIX. Inside the matrix is a world of new information, new ideas and new opportunities to be explored. See the definition here.

What is Juggling?

Click image to see the Juggling MATRIX pattern

There are several definitions, each germane to a Juggling MATRIX:

1) Juggling is the act, art and science of keeping more balls in the air than you have hands or time for, using a sequence of patterns appropriate for the affect to be presented.

Let’s use an object everyone associates with juggling: balls. Two balls being manipulated in the air by your two separate hands is not technically juggling, by our definition. But juggling two balls with one hand is. Juggling three balls with two hands is definitely juggling…four balls with two hands, five balls with two hands…yes and yes.

2) According to the Cambridge Dictionary, juggling is the act of managing several different situations at the same time: e.g., ‘Her life is a constant juggling act, coping with career, family, and home life single-handed.’

3) The word ‘juggling’ was used in the Wall Street Journal last year 279 times to describe a business situation. So popular is this concept of ‘juggling in life and business’, that the WSJ started a blog entitled “The Juggle”:

4) For a comprehensive definition and history of juggling, see

Those are the definitions…

Now why use Juggling as the focus of my work, my business?

Glad you asked me that. In order to juggle three balls (or three objects of any kind with two hands) you (anyone) must first change their mindset about what is possible. If you have never attempted to juggle before; or, if you have never seen anyone juggle before, you might say to yourself: this is never going to happen! I can’t do this! But you can do this…you can learn how to make a change to your mindset in 20 minutes or less. More on that in another blog.

Now to answer your full question: What is a ‘Juggling MATRIX’?

A Juggling MATRIX is the point at which one ball’s path crosses another ball’s path on the x and y axes to create a new piece of data, or multiple pieces of data, which then are stored in your neocortex (your hierarchical memory bank) and reused time and time again to take actions and/or make decisions (good or bad). Each piece of data created (each matrix) creates a new behavior.

Let me explain with a visual image: Imagine a picture frame in front of you. The top is positioned slightly above your head, the sides are as wide as your shoulders, and the bottom is right at your belly button. Each frame has four corners. Your upturned hands hold the balls while your eyes focus on the center of the top of the frame. The center point is called your Focus Point. Remember the Focus Point; I’ll come back to it in a minute.

While juggling three balls, the path typically used is called an ‘X’ pattern. The balls are tossed in a criss-cross pattern, alternating one hand then the other once the first ball passes the Focus Point. Every time the balls cross on their path toward the Focus Point, a new ‘moment’ has been created. This new moment is also a new ‘memory’; a new ‘idea’; a piece of new data. No two tosses are ever the same. There is always a variation to the toss; we are not perfect machines making perfect tosses. We are humans doing the best we can to make a really good toss to a particular point in the frame (hit our objective, meet our goals) while we adapt in nano-second time to the variations of each toss (the random events of life and business).

So….every time the balls cross in front of your face, either perfectly (never happens) or erratically (mostly happens), you are creating multiple matrices in front of your very eyes, which your neocortex is absorbing as new information and storing as a memory which can be retrieved every time you make a new toss. Your hands and body adapt to the new matrix, all the while storing the new matrix as a memory…etc, ad infinitum.

Now imagine the Juggling MATRIX as 4-dimensional…a holograph, if you will. A Juggling MATRIX is all around you: as you take action, new behaviors are created that create new thinking on your part…they create a change in you and how you act in life.

 Are we getting closer to a definition? Yes.

Let’s assume line ‘a’ on a graph represents ACTION, and line ‘b’ on the same graph represents THINKING. The point at which they overlap (the matrix) creates a new behavior, a new answer, and new ‘something’ to be considered and analyzed. With this new information, you have an opportunity to a) recognize the new matrix, b) react to the new matrix, c) examine the new matrix for clues to how you might behave (take action)…if you decide to…and d) change your mindset about what is possible with this new information.

With your own personal Juggling MATRIX, you can literally act your way to different thinking by creating a matrix of new behaviors.

But how does this apply to my business? to my life? to my relationships?

Let’s say that every single person on earth has their own Juggling MATRIX. We can say after analyzing a few thousand Juggling MATRICES that there are commonalities…and differences. How our personal Juggling MATRIX interacts with another’s is how we learn to communicate effectively with people who understand themselves and the world around them differently from us. If we can accept that no one agrees with us 100% of the time (too bad, isn’t it?), then we need to understand how THEIR Juggling MATRIX works (how they filter information for themselves). If we can learn how to recognize commonalities of Juggling MATRICES, and learn how to manage these ‘matrix memories’, the Juggling MATRIX is now a window you look through (or see your reflection in) that allows you to make adjustments to your own behavioral system to: a) act differently, b) think differently, c) work differently, d) work better and more efficiently with colleagues, friends, family, and e) choose to respond appropriately, adapting to another person’s information filtering system.

Geez. Really? Isn’t that a stretch?

Ever have a conversation with a friend, your boss, an associate, your mother…and after three minutes you just stare at them as if they were a unicorn? You can hardly believe the stuff coming out of their mouth? It’s as if they were speaking a different language you don’t understand. You know what? You just well may be.

And that’s where using The Juggling MATRIX may come in handy. You see, embedded into The Juggling MATRIX is an Information Filtering System (IFS) based on how people prefer to listen, speak, communicate. It is color based and very easy to remember. The colors are RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE. In my next blog, I will introduce you to this IFS and show you how it works, and the synergies created between the colors.

To summarize: What is the objective of The Juggling MATRIX?

The Juggling MATRIX is a tool to manage any communication; to get what you want out of a dialogue with any person on earth. If you understand how that person thinks, how they act, how they filter information…you can predict with some accuracy how they will interact with you. And with that information, you can begin a strategy that can a) make yourself understood, b) make you a lot of money, c) get you exactly what you want.

Who could ask for anything more?

Carlo Pellegrini is a keynote speaker at conferences, meetings and special events. He created The Juggling MATRIX 19 years ago as an advertising executive. That story will be told later. He lives in Nyack, NY, with his wife, an aerialist in the circus. He teaches at their circus arts school in Westchester County for children, teens, and adults who want to defy gravity and soar to success. He can be reached at