Juggling MATRIX AIG (creative problem-solving)

“Juggling MATRIX: Managing multiple priorities to produce sustainable success utilizing a creative problem-solving model...for AIG.”

Juggling MATRIX is a creative problem-solving model. It is adaptable to any business situation.Juggling MATRIX AIG creative problem-solving

In 2013, AIG (the 4th largest insurer in the U.S.) engaged Juggling MATRIX to create new sales programs for their salespeople. Their clients were the top 2% of net-worth individuals in the country and they were leaving money on the table. Here was the process:

Each table of 8 salespeople (200 participants in all) received enough juggling balls to write one new idea on each ball. After 2 hours, each table created a Juggling MATRIX System by reducing the total number of balls to 3.

Two tables at a time partnered to combine their 3 best ideas. These 6 best ideas were then reduced to 3 best ideas suiting those 16 salespeople. This went on for the next two hours.

By 5pm, the AIG sales force created 6 brand new programs customized by them for their clients.

The real test came at the end of the session. These 6 new ideas had to stand the test of The Juggling MATRIX:

  • Is it truly a new idea?
  • Will the client need to act or think differently in order to buy any of these new products
  • Will the salespeople need to change their behavior in order to sell the product (i.e., would they need extra training?)
  • What are the 3 main actions (priorities) needed to implement these new products?
  • And who is going to Juggle the New Ideas and the New Priorities of Action?

The next thing that happened was remarkable: the 6 balls representing 6 brand new product ideas became 3 New Ideas. Why? The salespeople decided their clients could only handle 3 new ideas at a time. The group decided that was more than enough to handle in one year and still increase sales by the expected projections.

As a bonus, each Table selected one person designated to juggle their 3 Balls/Ideas for the entire company. For an extra special bonus, the President of AIG juggled 3 balls by himself on stage (after one-on-one coaching with me the week before the event). The crowd went wild.

The 3 new and Priority-tested ideas are still in AIG’s product offerings, generating millions of dollars of revenue for the salespeople and AIG.

This is what The Juggling MATRIX can do for your Business: it is a creative problem-solving model designed to create new ideas, new behaviors and new ways to get your job done…and still have some serious fun doing it!

Carlo Pellegrini is a keynote speaker at conferences, meetings and special events. He created The Juggling MATRIX 19 years ago as an advertising executive. That story will be told later. He lives in Nyack, NY, with his wife, Hilary Sweeney, an aerialist in the circus. He teaches private classes at her circus arts school in Westchester County for children, teens, and adults who want to defy gravity and soar to success. Carlo can be reached at jugglingmatrix@gmail.com.
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