Managing multiple priorities to produce sustainable success utilizing a creative problem-solving model tied to point-of-need learning which firmly establishes, for purposes of empowerment, a virtual core-competency to reduce cycle time in the client/server network.”The Juggling MATRIX Logo

Your first order of business is the Framework. It is time to put the Juggling Box to work.

To manage each priority (one ball = one priority):

  • Set the priorities, then
  • Order them, then
  • Put them in Motion

Step #2 : Relational Prioritizing

Ball 1 is up in the air. # 2 gets away from you. Ball 3 is still in your hand.

Consider each ball (each priority) in relation to the next ball (priority). Every ball you put in the air has a relationship to the last ball put into The Juggling Box (the Quality Management System). When you align the balls in The Juggling Box they stay on track (keeping your priorities straight), which is your primary priority.

It looks like this (click on the image, then click again):


Only 1 ball is in the air at any given time, decreasing your risk and increasing your chances of managing all your priorities successfully.

That IS the goal, isn’t it?

As a result, your Priorities are now in Motion. Let’s examine how to Produce Success over and over again with this crazy model called Juggling.

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Carlo Pellegrini is a keynote speaker at conferences, meetings and special events. He created The Juggling MATRIX 19 years ago as an advertising executive. Carlo lives in Nyack, NY, with his wife, an aerialist in the circus. He teaches private classes at her circus arts school in Westchester County for children, teens, and adults who want to defy gravity and soar to success. Carlo can be reached at