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Keynote Programs of The JugglingMATRIX

“Juggle Everything Business (and Life) Throws You!!”

This Keynote Program takes meeting attendees on an interactive journey to identify, prioritize and manage the balls they can handle. Clients use this Keynote Program as a) a morale booster, b) a way to support a change initiative, and c) as a shift in culture within their organization. Keynote Program fee includes all customization, and a set of juggling balls for every participant. Book it for Opening/Closing and Right-After-Lunch timeframes. This is very serious fun.

“Act Different. Think Different. Change!!” – Keynote

When teams need to manage change or merge cultures to improve performance, they may have to think differently in the process. Carlo will teach your whole group how to juggle to produce different results.

“ON-BOARDING: Fit Them in Now!” – Keynote

Every company brings on new employees at some point. The JugglingMATRIX will help you integrate them into the culture of your organization by having some serious fun. Your employees will learn how others think, act and behave at work to create a new culture of cooperation.

“Listen Up!” – Seminar

The majority of the people you know do not listen well. How many times did your mother say, “Listen to me!”, but did she tell you HOW? This program identifies the 7 Critical Phases of Listening so you can get more of what you want in life. We dispel the myths of what you think listening may be. Interactive exercises help participants practice until they know they are listening. Carlo is a member of the International Listening Association.

“The Myth of Multitasking”

Task overload is a behavioral condition of the mind and body. Combining the latest brain and learning development research with a healthy dose of humor, Carlo takes your group on an evidence-based, best-practices journey. Learn how to accomplish more in less time by focusing on one task at a time, and dealing with the emotions of each task. The myth of multitasking can now take a back seat to the truth of emotional intelligence.

“STOP IT!” – Keynote Interrupter

He’s fed up, mad as hell, and won’t take it anymore! Carlo Pellegrini acts the role of your company’s Naysayer, Dragon Slayer, and CEO Keynote Interrupter. Yes, from out of the audience, Carlo will interrupt your CEO’s Keynote Speech and tell him exactly what is wrong with this company! Audience members are stunned when ‘one of their own’ steps up and says “STOP IT!!” When the audience finds out Carlo is a plant, everyone relaxes and gets the message. Carlo interrupted the President of AIG in his Keynote Address, and a salesmen sitting in front of Carlo almost punched his lights out. This is serious, and serious fun.

“Is it Too Late to Join the Circus?”

It is never too late to choose a different path, a different life, a different job. Choosing which circus to join is the point. Carlo is a veteran of five national touring circuses and knows the ins and outs of circus life. In this seminar, participants will learn what role they identify with in their circus, how many rings they have to perform in, and how to many different roles inside their circus they fulfill. Which circus role do you play? Ringmaster, Producer, Aerialist, Acrobat, Clown or Juggler? Knife Thrower, High-wire Walker, Flying Trapeze Artist? Are you playing in Center Ring or working Backstage. Interactive exercises create each participant’s path to answering this one burning questions: Is it Too late to Join the Circus?