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Keynotes offered by Carlo Pellegrini

“Juggle Everything Business (and Life) Throws You!!” – keynote

You have more balls in the air than you have time or hands to manage. This Keynote Program takes meeting attendees on an interactive journey to identify, prioritize and manage the balls they can handle. Clients have used this program as a morale booster, to support a change initiative or shift in cultural differences within their organization.  Program fee includes all customization of Keynote, a set of juggling balls for every participant, plus the proprietary JugglingMATRIX Personality Assessment. This is very serious fun. Book it for Opening/Closing and Right-After-Lunch timeframes.

“Act Different. Think Different. Change!!”

When departments, management teams and organizations need to manage change, merge cultures and improve performance, thinking differently improves outcomes with co-workers and clients. Every member of your conference will work with a series of partners to manage inter- and intra-personal behaviors, applying it to their relationships internally with co-workers and externally with customers. Personality/Learning Behavior Model included in Keynote.

“ON-BOARDING: Fit Them in Now!”

New employees need to know they are welcome in your organization. New workers may work differently than legacy employees. How is everyone going to fit in and work together? The JugglingMATRIX will bring all your employees into one session to learn how others think, act and behave at work. This program generates the buzz you need/want at this event. More importantly, once the event is over, you want the buzz to continue. With a common language of self-identification, everyone will be speaking the language of The Juggling MATRIX long after Carlo leaves. Every company bring on new employees at some point. The JugglingMATRIX will get them speaking the same language: you may act and think differently but everyone works for the same goal: work hard, have fun, make more money. Includes all customization and the proprietary JugglingMATRIX Learning Style Assessment.

“Listen to Me!”

The majority of the people you know do not listen well. How many times did your mother say, “Listen to me!” But did she tell you how? This program identifies the 7 Critical Phases of Listening and how to get more of what you want in life. We dispel the myths of what you think listening is and practice until you know you are listening. Carlo is a member of the International Listening Association.

“The Myth of Multitasking”

Task overload is a behavioral condition of the mind and body. Combining the latest brain and learning development research with a healthy dose of humor, Carlo takes your group of executives, managers, salespeople and staff on an evidence-based, best-practices journey. Learn how to accomplish more in less time by focusing on one task at a time, and dealing with the emotions of each task. The myth of multitasking can now take a back seat to the truth of emotional intelligence.