You are your own Juggling MATRIX System. It contains your objective in life, and business.

carloYou have your Juggling MATRIX, I have my Juggling MATRIX. There are commonalities and differences in the way you and I think, act, behave and juggle. How my personal Juggling MATRIX interacts with yours is what drives my personal enrichment and business. Each of us gets more of what we want when we understand how our Juggling MATRIX’s work together.

Therefore, if your objective is to get more of what you want in business and life, then you need to understand how MY Juggling MATRIX works, how I filter information, how I make decisions. When you understand what drives me, you will then get more of what you want.

When you understand your system, you will understand mine.

Your Juggling MATRIX System is the frame holding the window that allows you to see me, how I:

a) act differently,

b) think differently,

c) behave differently,

d) work better and more efficiently with you

e)  to adapt to your information filtering system.

Geez. Really? Isn’t that a stretch?

Ever have a conversation with a friend, your boss, an associate, your mother…and after three minutes you just stare at them as if they were a unicorn? You can hardly believe the stuff coming out of their mouth. It’s as if they were speaking a different language you don’t understand.

You know what? You just well may be.

Embedded into The Juggling MATRIX is an Information Filtering System (IFS) based on how people prefer to listen, speak, communicate. It is color based and very easy to remember. The colors are RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE. In my next blog, I will introduce you to this IFS and show you how it works, and the synergies created between the colors.

To summarize: What is the Objective of The Juggling MATRIX?

The Juggling MATRIX is a tool to manage any communication; to get what you want out of a dialogue with any person, anywhere, at any time. If you understand how that person thinks, how they act, how they filter information…you can predict with some accuracy how they will interact with you. And with that information, you can begin a strategy that can a) make yourself understood, b) make a lot of money, c) get exactly what you want out of life and your business.

Who could ask for anything more?

Carlo Pellegrini is a keynote speaker at conferences, meetings and special events. He created The Juggling MATRIX 19 years ago as an advertising executive. That story will be told later. He lives in Nyack, NY, with his wife, Hilary Sweeney, an aerialist in the circus. He teaches private classes at her circus arts school in Westchester County for children, teens, and adults who want to defy gravity and soar to success. Carlo can be reached at