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Welcome to the Speakers Coaching Corner. After 22 years in the business of keynote speaking, I have been asked by a number of seasoned business professionals (and new-hires) how to improve their speeches…and give the best speech of their life.

My first question in our first meeting is:

  • Are you giving a speech or a sales presentation?

If you want to develop a speech, improve a speech, create a speech, then I can help you.

But, if you want to turn a bad B2B presentation into a conversation, then call my friend Greg Rosner at PitchKitchen. Here is his contact info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregrosner/.

Why am I endorsing someone else on my own website? Two reasons:speakers coaching corner

  • I only work with the best of the best in our business. Greg is the best. And, if you are going to spend money to improve your sales presentation, don’t you want a big ROI? I know I do.
  • Secondly, I don’t create presentations. I help speakers improve their speeches.

So, let’s be clear:

  • What’s the difference between a speech and a presentation? You could say one is more formal than the other, but doesn’t have to be. A speech-maker is a topic expert…as we hope a presenter is, also.  The sales presenter is presenting for the potential buyer of his/her/their services/products that his/her/their service/product is the most logical of which to avail themselves. While passion may play a part in a presentation, it is not the driver. In a speech, passion is the driver…the only sales pitch is to hold the listener’s attention.

And that is why you have come to the Speakers Coaching Corner – to learn how to give the best speech of your life.

speakers coaching corner

Click through the exercises. I am happy to coach you in-person (if you live in the NY Tri-state area) or over Facetime/Skype or a myriad of other web-based services.

If you find my exercises of value, please endorse me on LinkedIn or give a shout out there. Better yet, hire me to help you or someone on your team.

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