The JugglingMATRIX

The JugglingMATRIXCarlo Pellegrini, motivational and keynote speaker, has been helping corporations improve human performance, make change, celebrate success and create effective partnerships using his unique protocol entitled The JugglingMATRIX since 1997.

Over 500,000 attendees around the world at conferences, meetings, executive retreats, and large scale events (1,000+), have changed their beliefs about how to make change happen using his interactive program.

His core message is: Act your way to Different Thinking – by creating a matrix of new behaviors.

Carlo uses the skill of juggling to bring your group to its feet. His Opening and Closing Keynotes are hands-on, high-impact events returning a huge ROI to you and your team. He is at his best delivering your “Keynote Message”.

So when you are looking for that ‘something different’, call Carlo. 500,000 attendees can’t be wrong.

Because your audience will never forget why they learned how to juggle more balls than they ever thought possible.

Acting Differently is the Tool…Thinking Differently is the process…Working Differently is the outcome.