Your company is evolving into a virtual workforce. How do you keep your partners and employees motivated and their morale high? You bring in virtual programs packed with years of experience, insight and fun.


Yes. Even in this dire time, play and fun are two ingredients you should inject into your Zoom meetings and conferences. You can be confident your ROI will be high with Virtual Programs from The JugglingMATRIX.

Carlo combines a strong theatrical sense with business savvy and keen facilitation skills to produce programs that are hands-on and high content!”– Global VP of Marketing for Intel Quoted after Carlo taught his 2,216 global sales force ‘how to juggle more accounts with fewer resources.’

Have you considered Executive Energizers to relieve meeting fatigue? How about Brain Games to stimulate creative thinking? You can have these virtual programs in 10 minutes segments from The JugglingMATRIX.

Over 1,000,000+ audience members in 22 countries on 5 continents have experienced The JugglingMATRIX. Will your company be next?

To support your confidence in The JugglingMATRIX, consider this:

Virtual Keynotes

I’ve been hired by tech companies such as Intel Corp., IBM, and Google and healthcare companies such as Catholic Healthcare West and Mayo Clinic because they appreciated my direct, honest approach to fun. Financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and M&T Bank used my keynote to reinforce customer service messages. New media companies such as BuzzFeed brought me into their corporate headquarters to celebrate the success of their third year of operations

2020 has brought even more challenges to the evolving business landscape. To address these, I have created a new virtual keynote entitled “Ringmaster Your Life: Lessons from the Circus!”

Click here to see the trailer.

executive energizersIf you have ever been a circus, then you know what ‘organized fun’ looks like. More importantly, you know how ‘organized chaos’ looks and feels. When I bring the circus to your small screen with my Virtual Programs, your team will have the opportunity to be in control of their own chaos.

As we say in the circus, You are in control of your own destiny.

Importantly, that single message can get you through your business day.

Have you watched the trapeze artist fly high over the net? Do you know why he flies with such confidence?

Have you seen the clowns execute their falls will complete abandon? Know why?

Can you imagine 20 artists in one ring turning cartwheels and not hitting anyone?

executive energizers

The same principles apply to them that apply to your business…practice and chaos controlled.

Whether you need Executive Energizers to relieve meeting fatigue, or Brain Games to stimulate thinking, your team will never forget why they engaged with The JugglingMATRIX.

Call us today to discuss a Virtual Program for your team that will get them on their feet!